Your Toolbox for Starting a New Job or Career

No matter whether you’re starting a new job or a new role in the company you already work for, the first few weeks are always a combination of nervousness, excitement, and pressure. On top of all those emotions, you’re trying to work out the team dynamics, remember names and for some, learning new systems or skills. For us at Woodforde Group we thought we’d share with you our toolbox that we feel help set you up for success in your new job.

Bring your “A-Game!”

As you get comfortable and begin to build your office relationships, although it should go without saying, it’s important that you remember that first impressions are a good key to success. Avoid desk distractions, be punctual, introduce yourself and work hard. Remember that your willingness to learn and a positive attitude will always work in your favour and give you the confidence you need to pass your probation period.

Make notes

Although it seems like you may not need to make notes of the little things, we think you should!

Without realising it, you will be bombarded with such a wide range of information for the business or directly to your role and making notes of all the logins, general instructions, passcodes and even colleagues names and their roles could make the new transition easier for you.

Keeping notes will guide you daily through to-do lists and referring to them when you’re stuck and will help create space in your head for new knowledge amongst all the emotions of the new job!

Don’t forget your why

It’s important to remind yourself of why you’re doing the job!

Leading up to your first day, take some time to go over the job description and the tasks you know you will succeed in and were excited about during the interview process. We also recommend you remind yourself of why you wanted this job as it will help you create a real sense of purpose and awareness of the weeks/months ahead whilst you’re finding your feet.

You’ve got lots to learn

The confidence you took into your interview you should carry into your new role but it’s important to know that you probably won’t excel at everything initially. Learning all the systems, company policies and getting into the swing of your role takes time.

The most vital thing you can maintain is your confidence and your ability to learn. You won’t excel at everything straight away, it will come with time so avoid arrogance and don’t be afraid to ask questions your colleagues will respect you more for it.


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